•  What is SEA?

About Spectrum Tutor Academy

Spectrum Educational Academy (SEA) was founded in 1998. Our mission has been to connect learners of all ages with qualified teachers and tutors in academic and non-academic subjects across different countries. SEA is the leading provider of tutor referral services. Over the past ten years, we have connected tens of thousands of students and parents with tutors and coaches with specialties in academic subjects (Kindergarten to college level and beyond), test preparation, foreign languages, music, computer, business, art, and sports. Tutors, trainers, coaches, and instructors in academic and non-academic subjects pay a registration fee to be included in our database.Tutors can register for in-person (face-to-face) and/or email-online tutoring. The email/online tutoring is conducted through various instant-messaging platforms or other platforms provided by the instructor. Tutoring scheduling, fee negotiations and payment methods are arranged directly between student and the tutor. However the decided fee must be inform to SEA and deposited in SEA account in advance because this thing is beneficial for both tutor and tutee.


SEA Teachers are the most demanded teachers of all

SEA is serving a number of client institutions which includes reputable schoolscollegesinstitutesuniversitiescoaching centres and computer institutes. We receive teaching or admin vacancies from these institutions. We closely monitor their given requirement and refer candidate accordingly. We always provide "best vacancy" to our teachers, and this is reflected in the praise we regularly receive from our teachers. Most importantly, SEA teachers are the most demanded teachers of all, institutions welcome our teachers because they know we interview everyone whom we represent and make thoughtful recommendations that save valuable time for both teachers and institutions. Not only from this plateform we Provide best tuitions to our tutors too.

SEA Web based Portal
As soon as you register with us, you will start receiving opportunities (JOBS / TUITIONS ) from SEA via EMAIL, FACEBOOK GROUP, SMS'S or from SEA website www.sea.spectrum-consultancy.com.  Not only this you would have your profile visible many international institutes and when they will take interests you will be informed by us. So Joining SEA  broaden your job/tuition search and get you in front of hundreds of employers from various types of institutions, who continuously visit our website. These employers are not only from Pakistan but from other parts of the world, specially from middle eastern countries.

Tuitions From SEA
No matter what subjects/classes you can teach. No matter you are a male or a female, a housewife or a businessman, a professional teacher or an x teacher / professor / lecturer, a female who has recently graduated or still studying. We can help you attract your desired students to take tuition in your preferable areas

We have widely experienced that parents mostly prefer to have home tuitions beside School/College for their children to upgrade them. SEA  teachers besides reputable school jobs opportunities also enjoy these tuition facilities. However this is our paid job, SEA  charge 50% as a commission on availing each opportunity both in the case of home tuitions and school jobs.


  • How tutors can use this service?

For Free service to visit our office is not compulsory for the candidates but if cadidate willing to visit then no objection however for registration, he/she can simply register through filling our online registration form.  In free service candidate will receive opportunity via EMAIL, WEBSITE and from SOCIAL MEDIA. But unless candidate will pay he may not enjoy that opportunities.

For Paid service to visit our office is not compulsory for the candidates but if candidate willing to visit then no objection however for registration, he/she can simply register through filling our online registration form.  In paid service candidate will receive opportunity via SMS's, EMAIL, WEBSITE and from SOCIAL MEDIA.. As soon as your form is filled you would have bank details on website also it would be sent to your on your email address. You need to 500 for completing the registration process. 

 Filling tutor registration form from website enable tutors to submit their data in huge database of SEA in return SEA will keep informing them about the recent jobs and opportunities but unless tutor will not submit their educational documents and pay registration fee he/she will not be able to enjoy such jobs and opportunities from SEA. This simple act will broaden the spectrum of job and opportunity searching for the tutors via SEA plateform. 

  •  Why I didn't receive email after submitting Tutor Registration form?

The most likely reasons for this are you entered an incorrect email address. We always advice tutors to fill form very carefully because your profile with us is your personality reflection. So filling form carefully with right information will save time of both of US.

  •  DO I need to pay every month against the Opportunity avail from SEA ?

NO, You will pay 50 %  in first month only, after geting done job from SEA rest of all amounts are Yours. 

  •  How much time it will take to have Opportunity after registration?
We do not or can not give any time limit, because it is unlikely to predict about any upcoming vacancy or tuition before it is actually raised by any institution or student/ parent. However if your desired vacancy is already available to us, keeping in view that you also fulfill that institution or student/parents given requirements then you will be offered that vacancy/tuition immediately.Infect our competent teachers/tutors usually get engaged within a week or so.
  • Who Can Register?
Anyone (male or female), who thinks that he/she is qualified and competent enough to divert the required knowledge/information which should be easily absorbed by a student and most importantly it should be correct. You are most welcome, if you think that you are a good teacher/tutor.
  • How SEA maintain Privacy for my given documents and information?

All information/documents provided by a teacher/tutor are kept strictly private and confidential other than for our records purpose.

  • Do SEA provides office vancancies?

Tutor Registered in SEA can only avail educational industry opportunities. However SPECTRUM GROUP also have Spectrum HR Consultants ( SHRC ) and some time SEA teachers have offers for office Job from SHRC on the basis of candidate profile. 


For further details You can contact our representatives... or send us email info@spectrum-consultancy.com