TTP- Teacher Training Program

Get Teachers Training to teach O/A level subjects and availhighly paid School jobs & O/A level Tuitions.


Supporting teachers in their professional development leads to improve outcomes for learners. We provide good quality training and reflective professional development that are essential parts of a teacher’s professional life. We offer a number of routes for teachers according to their experience and needs.


Provides the opportunity as Workshop for the all levels Teachers of Cambridge/Matric or they didn’t teach before.
Serving different organization, schools teachers and individuals for grooming their profession and enable for their financial growth and fill the space of professional teachers in schools and organizations.


Empowers Teachers through interactive, effective and implementable workshops. Outcome is that individual  / teachers  will be eligible and enable in their profession with highly appreciation and success and  if have no experience of teaching in Cambridge they will be enable to apply and job in Cambridge system with certificate of  TTP workshop.
To give you an idea to our large menu or workshop. Here are some starter samples.Contact us - we will meet you - discuss specific needs of your teachers - thereafter design and implement workshop that would result in rewarding teaching for teachers, enlightening learning for learners.

We offer more comprehensive (full-day and half-day) teacher training sessions on Basic Teaching Skills, Teaching as a Sole Instructor and Large Class Teaching.

After training you would have free registration on largest teacher’s online portal to have offers of different school jobs and tuitions.

Inspiration to join TTP

After getting training from our REPUTABLE O/A level senior trainers you will get.

  • Motivation
  • Professionalism
  • Enthusiasm
  • More Promising towards job
  • Confidence
  • Becoming a member of SEA tutoring community
  • Increase in scope
  • Understanding of system
  • Prepared for interview and demo

Detailed List of Teachers Training Workshops:

Topics for Teacher's Workshops:

        Current Session               MAY, JUNE, JULY, 2016

General Teaching

Program outlines:                                                         (Pack-1)

1.      Captivating Teaching in the class                                                     (Duration 10 hour)

2.      Self-Directed Professional Development                                     (Duration 8 hours) 

3.      Class Room Management                                                                    (Duration 10 hours)

4.      Discipline without Stress                                                                     (Duration 6 hours)

5.      Math Is Fun                                                                                                (Duration 6 hours)

6.      Science in the Class                                                                                 (Duration 3 hours)

7.      The Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum (CLAC) (Duration 6 hours)

8.      Social Studies with Social Terms                                                       (Duration 3 hours) 

Course Fee:

Rs.7, 000/- per person for the each topic inclusive of course material, refreshments, and certificate.

Subject Oriented Teaching  (with difference Cambridge/ Matric)    

(Pack – 2)

 Chemistry      Physics      Accounts    and other subjects.

Detail Cambridge System (CIE)

1. Introduction of CIE.

2. Difference of different boards and about Cambridge.

3. Benefits to teach in Cambridge.

4.  Detail about examination systems and centers of Cambridge.

5. How to make planner.

6. Detail of Reference books regarding different syllabus.

7. Detail of different subject topic outlines.

8. Detail of subject code of Cambridge.

9. Making of worksheet Plane.

Interview pattern and dress code                                                                                                    

  • Demo-in-class
  • Syllabus  – Content
  • Recommended Books and  Reference Books
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Planner
  • Interactive Class Environment
  • Activity Based Learning
  • Class Control Tactics
  • Exam  papers and their codes
  • Paper pattern and duration
  • Past papers and Marking Scheme
  • Practical Examinations
  • Grading System

Course Fee:

Rs.10, 000/- per person for the each topic inclusive of course material, refreshments, and certificate.   

(Pack - 3)

  • Subject and making of worksheet plane.
  • Interview Pattern and dress code.

Course Fee:

Rs.10, 000/- per person for the both topics inclusive of course material, refreshments, and certificate.   

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