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In The Next Week Your Son or Daughter Can:

Improve your child's next test score from a D to a B or better…
Add organizational skills that remove clutter from their minds…
Hit the “Feedback loop” that fuels their need to succeed…
Get to the “Alpha Zone” where top students get into for stress-free, consistent fast learning & achievement process...


You Can Stop Struggling To Help Your Child - Right Now!

You don’t need to fight a battle every night that causes turmoil. All you need… is to tap into learning strategies that leverage your child's current interests.

How is this possible you ask?

How do you avoid all of the arguments… the time… and then suddenly… and I do mean SUDDENLY… your child starts to achieve test scores like top performing students?

The answer is simple...hire your own personal Spectrum Educational Academy (SEA) tutor!

We created the Spectrum Educational Academy (SEA) to ensure each tutor who gets our "certified" seal of approval is indeed ready to commit 110% effort to help every parent and student the most out of their customized tutoring program.

You won't just get a qualified tutor, you'll also get a tutor who cares and will personally consult with you before & after your child's demo session.

This will allow your son or daughters first tutoring demo to be more effective than you ever expected. And of course your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

By matching your child with a SEA tutor, you can expect to:

 Be connected with a tutor who really cares

 Watch your child magically become excited about learning

 Give your child homework help & personal tutoring with any subject of all grades.

 Work with a tutor who puts extra emphasis on study skills

 Teach your child new organization skills designed to last a lifetime

 Achieve all academic goals


Our Model Of Success Is Simple and Most Importantly Has Been Proven

What we've learned along the way is this: Traditional teaching methods don’t work for many of today’s kids.

Is your son or daughter excited about learning?

They're probably not. The main reason for this is simply boredom. They're bored in school and it's hard for them to stay focused when they are bored.

We can help you change this! Your child can be excited about learning and from there, better grades, attitude and confidence just happen. Let me explain...

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