Is it possible to receive tutoring services at a neutral location instead of my house?

We believe in winning by delivering. You can refer SEA to your friend or parents of your friend, only if you are happy & satisfied with the way we helped you in reaching out to the tutor of your choice & your preference. 

What time does the tutoring take place?

Most of the tutoring takes place between 4pm and 9pm local time. However, hours are often flexible and negotiable and it depends upon the mutual understanding of Tutors and Parents/Tutee.

How do I schedule a session?

Please e-mail or call to SEA to schedule a session. Our office representative will arrange suitable tutors as per your requirements for you and inform you. For this feel free to contact us on 03002195228 or email

Does SEA offer online tutoring?

Yes. SEA offers online tutoring services. Just call us and inform us about your class,Subject and preferable timings for online tutoring sessions.

Is there a minimum number of hours the student needs to spend with the tutor a week?

No. However, we have a one hour minimum per session due to the fact that tutors have to drive to meet the student. We also do not recommend a tutoring session to exceed two hours in length.

How much does SEA charge of tutoring?

Usually SEA charge very less amount of fee monthly fr0m parents to continuing monthly service of receiving fee directly from parents and payoff teacher with the same after completion of monthly or decided period. This secure both parents and tutors from any type of fraud. Details why SEA collect fee Click Here.

How many hours a week does a tutor typically spend with the student?

The number of hours a tutor spends with the student varies. Some students only need 1-2 hours of tutoring a week while some students need 5 or more hours of tutoring week. A tutor will make a recommendation once he evaluates the student at the first lesson.

Is it possible to specifically request a male or female tutor?

Yes. Most of the time, it is possible to specifically request a male or female tutor. However, sometimes the availability of tutors of a certain gender may be limited.

Are background checks run on the tutors?

Yes. We take all the necessary precautions to guarantee discipline, reliability and expertise of a tutor. Usually at the time of registration we collect academic and residential details of teachers with thier referral details. However we recommend all the parents/tutees to keep remain in touch with us and if they want some further identifications of the teacher then must. This is just for current scenario in our City and country and we hope from our tutors that they will not mind from this act rather they will cooperate. 

What if I don't like the tutor?

If you are not satisified with our tutoring services, we can either offer a partial or full refund, and/or set you up with another tutor. Please notify us of any possible issues with your tutor so we can best assist you.

Can I get a discount from the tutor?

 The only responsibilities of tutors are tutoring and creating a tutoring schedule. All payment and other administrative issues have to be dealt with through the Spectrum Educational Academy or its Authorised Coordinator/franchiser. However once if you have decide any teacher on any fixed payment then it will remain continue for the whole session of tutoring. 

Can I pay the tutor directly?

No. Tutors are strictly forbidden from accepting direct paymets from parents and students. For this purpose parents/tutee first confirm from SEA. But in our most cases SEA receive fee directly from parents. it would be appreciable if the payment in the form of cheque of the name of SPECTRUM TUTOR ACADMY. OR directly deposit in the bank account of SEA. for bank details  Click Here

Can I make payment over the phone?

No. Due to security concerns, we do not accept direct deposits or credit cards over the phone. We rely on secure companies that is why soon you would find 2checkout and Paypal on our website to make these transactions. However in current scenario you may also mail a check or money order to SEA.

Can I mail cash?

We strongly discourage SEA customers from mailing cash. Please obtain a Money Order from the local post office or Western Union or any other local bank branch. We are not responsible for cash lost or stolen in the mail.

Can I get a refund if I cancel a session?

If you cancel a session, you can either get a refund or re-schedule a session. Late arrivals and un-notified absences may be unrefundable. Excessive cancellations may result in the termination of services.

How does payment for the tutoring services work?

Our customers can make payment online by visiting the Client Area or by mailing a check or money order to: Spectrum Consultacy.
PO Box 75300 
A-17/A, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-6 Karachi.
Bills will be sent by e-mail unless otherwise requested.
Parents or students are required to pre-pay for tutoring services before the start of the session. The parents can pre-pay right before each session. However, it is important to remember that parents can never pay tutors directly.

Does SEA also tutor college students?

A lot of times, we will work with college students enrolled in remedial courses. Our tutors will consider working with students in non-remedial courses on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information  Contact Us.

Does SEA also tutor adult students?

We tutor adult students in GED and high school material. Our tutors will consider working with students in higher level courses on a case-by-case basis. Please Contact Us for more information..

Does SEA have a learning center?

YES  SEA have a Learning Centre but for only adult. We have running College of PIPFA in state of the art location of city karachi. for further details click here                 But for other all classes we offers in-home tutoring services and online tutoring services.  All other tutoring services except PIPFA occur either at the student's home or at an approved neutrla location.

How long SEA takes to arrange tutor for tutee?

It typically takes around a week to get the tutoring services started. However our efficient staff put all his efforts and our 80% cases closed within 2 or 3 days after enrolling request for a tutor.

Does SEA work with students with learning disabilities?

Yes. We work with students with minor learning disabilities. If the student has a more serious disability, we will have to evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis.

Are all tutors certified teachers?

No. We sometimes hire tutors that are not certified teachers if they demonstrate an ability to tutor a particular subject or exam through their educational background and experience.

Does SEA offer free tutoring?

At the moment, SEA does not offer free tutoring.

Is SEA a SES provider?

No. SEA is a private tutoring services. SEA does not offer Supplemental Educational Services under No Child Left Behind.